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Cast Iron Tub Scrap Price

Hey friend! Are you searching on internet about cast iron tub scrap price? Then no worries you have visited the the right website. Here in this post we will discuss about the latest updated cast iron tub prices in US and Canada scrap yards.

After reading this post you will get a clear idea about cast iron tub scrap. Where can you sell? What's profit margin? Is it really worth of selling old useless cast iron tub in scrapyards? So without further delay let's see. 

Cast Iron Tub Scrap Price Today

Current Price of Cast Iron Tub
$0.10 to $0.20 Per pound 

Depending on the market conditions and also depending on the quality and condition of tub scrapyards pays on average $0.10 to $0.20 per lb. 

Generally tubs are very heavy almost 500 lb for a single tub. So in this equation you can get $50 to $70 for a single cast iron tub. 

Is cast iron tub worth scrapping? 

Wheather tubs made up of cast iron is worth scrapping or not, the answer of this question is depends upon the condition of tub and your location. 

If you live near to scrapyard then it will be profitable as it will take less carrying charges. 

Also if you have a large quantity and you are selling them in bulk, in that case you can be profitable.

Where to sell scrap cast iron tub 

It is important to note that not all scrapyards accept cast iron tub. For selling your old tub you need to contact and ask if they take or not. 

Mainly in metro cities large scrapyards accept any type of tubs for scrapping. 

Reselling Old Tub 

If your tub is little bit old and less damaged in that case you can resell it instead of scrapping. The reselling cost of cast iron tub is around $300 for a single one. Although the price depends on condition, rust, dent etc factors. 

Final Words 

This post is about cast iron tub scrap price. All questions regarding tub scrap is described on the above paragraphs. I hope this helps you in selling your old cast iron tub. If you have still any quaries then don't forget to ask us in comments below.

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