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Nuclear Medicine Technologist – Mass General Careers

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Job Description:

This position reports to the Unit Technical Manager/Operations Manager. Performs clinical diagnostic molecular imaging testing to include general, cardiac, and positron studies along with the computer interactions associated with these studies. In addition, the technologist will be required to perform Computed Tomography Imaging (attenuation correction only or diagnostic) as ordered in conjunction with SPECT/PET exams.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Uses aseptic technique to prepare radiopharmaceuticals from commercially available kits for use in patient studies. Assures quality of radiopharmaceuticals, including calibration of equipment and testing, radionuclidic purity checks, radiochemical purity testing, radioassay of the patient dosage.
  • Determines radiopharmaceutical to be utilized based upon established guidelines (protocols), consulting with AU physician when necessary. Calculates patient dosage when weight based.
  • Follows USP <797> standards for sterile medication and radiopharmaceutical preparation
  • Follows the instructions of the AU physician and authorized nuclear pharmacist for the preparation of radiopharmaceuticals and quality control testing
  • Explains procedure, reassuring patient and securing his/her full cooperation during testing.
  • Administers radiopharmaceuticals to patient and completes testing to include general, cardiac, and positron studies. In addition, the technologist will be required to perform Computed Tomography imaging (attenuation correction only and/or diagnostic) as ordered in conjunction with SPECT/PET exams.
  • Performs intra-venous peripheral catheter insertion and/or bladder straight catheter insertion as authorized by Nuclear Medicine physician.
  • Completes testing for both in and outpatients within various main campus hospital locations.
  • Acquires/processes/reconstructs images when appropriate. Labels patient images with such data as radiopharmaceutical amount, time of the injection, equipment utilized, and additional patient study related information etc., in accordance with ACR requirements. Archives patient data to PACS for long term storage. Retrieves appropriate patient studies for review and comparison with previous studies.
  • Observes radiation safety techniques, including use of protective shielding and handling and disposal of radiopharmaceuticals. Takes appropriate precautions to minimize exposure to infectious, radioactive or biohazard agents.
  • Ensures that correct protocol, radiation dose, and contrast are administered to patient for CT scanning, when ordered as such.
  • Lifts, moves, transports and positions patients for diagnostic studies.
  • Follows Institutional/ Departmental guidelines for patient safety and patient care.
  • Elutes radionuclide generator systems, maintaining sterile technique.
  • Interfaces with appropriate computer systems related to duties of the position. Duties include scheduling responsibilities through dedicated Radiology Information System.
  • Alerts Unit Technical/Operations Manager regarding equipment problems, problems encountered during testing, etc.
  • Assists in on-the-job training of students as assigned.
  • On-call responsibilities as assigned.
  • Follows area policies/guidelines in order to perform imaging studies of superior technical quality.

Job Requirements:

  • Calculation of statistical data
  • Computer analysis of image data
  • Imaging systems including SPECT, SPECT/CT, Planar, PET, PET/CT; radiation monitoring equipment; Xenon ventilation systems; cardiac stress equipment; PET tracer infusion systems; contrast power injectors
  • Excellent, effective communication and organizational skills.
  • Must be able to lift/carry up to 50lbs, be able to lift, position, push or transfer patients, have manual dexterity and mobility, be able to see clearly at 20 feet or more, be able to see clearly at 20 inches or less, be able to judge distance and space relationships, be able to see peripherally, and be able to distinguish and identify different colors.
  • Demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to provide care appropriate to the age of the patients served (all age groups) on assigned unit.
  • Ability to foster and promote a positive image and a professional appearance.

Qualification & Experience:

  • Radiologic technologist (Nuclear Medicine) in the state of Massachusetts
  • CT*
  • CT certification required within 1 year of hire date. Employees who fail to obtain certification within 1 yearwill be given a 60 day grace period to achieve certification.If they are unable to obtain certification after 14 months (12 months and 2 month grace period) they will be terminated for failure to maintain certification.



Job Details:

Company: Massachusetts General Hospital

Vacancy Type:  Full Time

Job Location: Boston, MA, US

Application Deadline: N/A

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