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State of California Jobs – Agricultural Biological Technician

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Job Description:

In providing technical support to staff scientists, an Agricultural Biological Technician may perform any one or a combination of the following: prepare insect specimens for examination by entomologists; prepare plant and soil samples; prepare specimen material for examination by nematologists or plant pathologists; communicate effectively; record sample information in a log book or an electronic database; prepare culture media and biological stains; prepare microscopic slide mounts of specimens; prepare and stain tissues; assist in maintaining specimen collections; make and maintain cultures of biological organisms, including host plants, target pests, and biological control agents; conduct routine tests; conduct preliminary plant pest diagnostics; clean, sterilize, assemble, and set up laboratory apparatus; search literature and reference materials and prepare abstracts and summaries; work in a greenhouse or field test plots; propagate plants for testing from seed, cuttings, or grafts; maintain plants in good culture; prepare and maintain soil mixtures; sterilize soil, flats, pots, and other containers; apply pesticides, including fungicides, herbicides, and insecticides to plants; fumigate greenhouse and other appropriate structures; assist in inoculating and reading inoculated plants; maintain greenhouses and oversee greenhouse projects, including, but not limited to, making recommendations for repairs, lighting, air circulation, and water systems; operate and maintain tools and equipment used in greenhouse work, including steam generator, steam autoclave, dry oven sterilizer, and sprayer; design and construct rearing cages or containers and organism collection devices; keep temperature records and other environmental records;

Job Responsibilities:

  • This is the combined recruiting, training, and first journey level in the series. As a trainee, incumbents work under close supervision in either a laboratory specialty or a greenhouse rearing facility for plant or insect propagation; and perform routine or less complex work. As incumbents progress into the first journey level, under general supervision, incumbents perform the full range of varied technical and complex tasks in either a laboratory or a greenhouse rearing facility; and incumbents may assist in training of other staff.
  • This is the full journey level. Under direction, incumbents perform the more critical, varied, and highly complex plant pest diagnostics, plant propagation, insect rearing, and greenhouse management duties; or incumbents may work in a laboratory with the most complex equipment; or perform morphological fungi and molecular genetics-based diagnostics; and incumbents may act as a leadperson.

Job Requirements:

  • Knowledge of: General principles of plant growth and cultivation; laboratory procedures and pest identification methods; pest control methods; standard and advanced instrumentation; material safety data sheets; chemicals and procedures used in analysis; plant propagation; principles of greenhouse operation and general maintenance; rearing of plant pests and biocontrol agents under controlled conditions; field plot management; equipment care and use; materials and procedures for field test plot work involving plant pests.
  • Ability to: Learn complex and varied technical procedures for handling plant pests; analyze situations and take or recommend appropriate action; act as a working group leader; learn and apply technical work procedures; conduct preliminary examinations leading to plant pest diagnostics; train others; use, handle, and care for instrumentation, equipment, supplies, and chemicals including material safety data sheets; construct and use rearing cages or containers and organism collection devices; follow safety precautions.

Qualification & Experience:

  • Incumbents who oversee and apply pesticides for the control of pests are required to possess a Qualified Applicators Certificate (QAC-Silver Card). Applicants who do not possess this certificate will be admitted to the examination but must secure the certificate prior to appointment. and Either I Experience: Four years of experience in the California state service performing the duties of an Agricultural Biological Technician, Range B. and
  • Education: Completion of 18 units of courses in a biological, plant, entomology, or nematology science.
  • Experience: Five years of progressively responsible technical experience performing duties equivalent to an Agricultural Biological Technician, Range B, in a laboratory or greenhouse setting. and
  • Education: Completion of 24 units of courses in a biological, plant, entomology, or nematology science.

Job Details:

Company: State of California

Vacancy Type:  Full Time

Job Location: Visalia, CA, US

Application Deadline: N/A

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